Birth Name

Grace Chan (陳思齊)


November 26, 1993 (age 15)


Luxembourg, Europe
Massachusetts, USA


Singer, Dancer (Unofficially)

Years Active

2009 - Present

Associated Acts


Grace Chan (Chinese 陳思齊) commonly known by her stage name Kari is a singer, rapper, dancer, and composer for girl group BeT2B formed in 2009. She and fellow member Noshiki made their debut in July 30, 2009.


Early LifeEdit

Kari was born in Luxembourg, Europe on November 26, 1993. She and her parents moved to America 8 months later, and she has been raised in the state of Massachusetts since then. Since the age of 12 she had dreamed of becoming a performer. In October 2008 she auditioned for Avex World Audition 2008 by E-mail but failed to pass.

Personal LifeEdit

She currently lives with her mother and father in Massachusetts and annually visits her grandparents who live in Hong Kong.



Kari is one of the creators of BeT2B and works as one of the group's singers, dancers, rappers, and composers. In their album 'The Second Attempt' she composed English lyrics to their own Music Video of 'Stay Together' (originally by 2NE1).

External LinksEdit

Kari's Official YouTube

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