Birth Name

Priscilla Ng (伍淳諾)


February 16, 1996 (age 13)


California, USA


Singer, Dancer (Unofficially)

Years Active

2009 - Present

Associated Acts


Priscilla Ng (Chinese 伍淳諾) commonly known as Noshiki, is a singer, rapper, dancer, and composer for girl group BeT2B formed in 2009. She and fellow member Kari made their debut in July 30, 2009.


Early LifeEdit

Noshiki was born and raised in California and continues to live there. Her childhood dream was to become a doctor or an optometrist(to follow after her Dad). She was inspired to become a performer after watching many performances of her favorite artists. Her Mom does not approve of her becoming a performer, but her Dad supports her.

Personal LifeEdit

She currently sutdies very hard in school and tries to be the top for her future education and to bring pleasure to her parents. Noshiki often calls Kari her "Long Lost Sister" because of the close relationship they share.



External LinksEdit

Noshiki's Official YouTube

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